Breakfast in bed never goes out of style. Fixing a delicious meal to be eaten in absolute comfort is a time-honored way of expressing love and gratitude.

It’s time to stop saving breakfast in bed for special occasions. Caring for our loved ones, and ourselves, with this simple gift can uplift any day. Choosing the right breakfast and the perfect presentation makes this tradition both practical and luxurious!


First Things First

To serve a great breakfast in bed, you need a good serving tray. Something that’s sturdy, spacious, and stylish sets the tone for the entire meal. We love our Media Bed Tray. This versatile tray complements any décor and with collapsible legs, it's easy to store.

A media bar makes space for a little entertainment with your breakfast. Large enough to fit a 17-inch laptop or a tablet of your choosing, the Media Bed Tray has plenty of space for a hearty breakfast.


Breakfast in Bed Ideas

Even someone who eats a bowl of cereal every single day will probably choose something less messy. These recipes are easy to eat and easy to clean up.


Continental Breakfast

Try a simple continental breakfast. Fruit, cheese, a croissant or bagel, and coffee or juice make a delicious start to the day. Continental breakfasts are worldwide favorites that are both elegant and practical.



A fruit and yogurt parfait is an excellent choice for dining in bed. Create a pretty parfait in a clear glass or dish with layers of yogurt, seasonal fruits, and granola. This super-simple dish is packed with nutrition and tastes great.

Add a side of toast and a cup of tea or coffee and your parfait becomes a lovely, complete meal.


Breakfast Sandwiches

Layering a fried egg with cheese and ham in an English muffin is a classic breakfast choice. Mix up your ingredients to make your own special sandwich.

Get inventive with your sandwich fillings and add hummus, guacamole, tomato, or spinach. Sandwiches are endlessly versatile and easy to eat.



Nutrition-packed smoothies are perfect breakfast in bed foods. Choose any combination of fruit, juice, and yogurt, and give it a whirl in the blender. Serve in a pretty glass with toast and coffee or tea.



Add a flower, pretty plates, or other decorative touches to your breakfast in bed creations. Don’t hesitate to make breakfast in bed for yourself. A bit of morning self-care can set the tone for a beautiful day.