Working from home can be both convenient and challenging. One of the keys to a successful transition from office to home is setting up a perfect workspace.


1. Claim Your Territory

You may already have a home office, or you may be struggling to work at the kitchen table. Most are probably doing something in between. Unlike a traditional office, you have options. Not only in creating a workspace, but also in varying your location throughout the day.

The first challenge is finding an area in your home that allows you to concentrate. Choosing a distraction-free space can be a challenge. Family members, chores, pets, and more can make quiet an elusive luxury.

Choose a spot that works for you and claim it! Maybe it’s an extra room, maybe it’s a closet, or maybe it’s a corner of a larger space. Do your best to find a single home base for your workday so everything stays organized.


2. Savor Some Workspace Variety

Working from home means that you don’t have to complete every task in your claimed space. You have the freedom of movement. Some of your tasks will certainly be best accomplished in your organized area. Others allow you to be far more mobile.

For any job that doesn’t require desk space, a compact lap desk sets you free. The Rossie Home Premium Acacia Lap Desk gives you everything you need to set up a comfortable workspace with your laptop computer.

Choose a comfortable chair or head outside on a sunny day to attend a meeting or answer emails. Our lap desk fits computers up to 15.6” and has a wrist rest, mouse pad, and phone slot.

When you’re ready to head back to your desk, the lap desk stows away easily, ready for your next escape. When you’re tired of your desk, your lap desk will be waiting for you.


3. Stay Organized

One of the biggest challenges when setting up a home workspace is organization. If you’re switching to full or partial working from home for the long-term, invest in some organizers that work for you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s filing cabinets, bins, or shelves. The only requirement is that everything in your workspace has a designated place. The last thing you need is paperwork floating off into the recycle bin or lining the hamster cage.

Working at home has challenges and benefits. Make the most of it with a well-conceived workspace and a handy lap desk.