It’s time to admit that most New Year’s Resolutions simply don’t pan out. They tend to be unrealistic and overly vague.

It’s time to ditch resolutions and make plans instead. Plans are concrete things you can do to achieve your goals. One of our most common goals is to be more productive.

Working remotely can make being productive feel like a 24-hour-a-day job. Some people feel distracted or isolated. Those returning to the office may find the transition more challenging than they anticipated. 

Your 2022 can be more productive with some effective planning.


Plan Ahead

Stop trying to plan your workday when you sit down in the morning. Take the time at the end of the day to plan your next day.

Take advantage of being warmed up and having everything fresh in your mind after your workday. You know what you need to do, now set your calendar. Trying to make your schedule in the morning is like trying to start your car in the cold—it just takes more time and energy.


Peace and Quiet

Whether you work at home or go into the office, you need a quiet place to concentrate and focus. Sometimes that feels almost impossible.

Try a Rossie Home Acacia Lap Tray to move your workstation quickly and easily when things get too noisy. This easy-to-store tray makes it simple to pick up and move to a quiet room (or closet—we’ve all done it) when things get too hectic.

When you aren’t fleeing a noisy room, this handy lap tray doubles as an excellent way to serve yourself a drink or a snack. You need energy to be productive, after all.


Take Breaks

No matter where you work, taking breaks is an important way to give your brain a breather. Studies show that you can maintain your focus for about an hour at a time. After that, your brain would very much like a 15-minute break.

Your brain is going to take that break somehow, by getting distracted, or sleepy, or less creative. You can take advantage of this cycle by planning your day with intentional breaks every hour.

You’ll find yourself more focused after your breaks, and end up having more productive days.


Move More

During some of those scheduled breaks, get up and move around. Sitting for hours at a time in the same position can be quite hard on your body. And not getting enough exercise can lead to poor health.

Taking a walk during some of your breaks helps loosen up stiff or tight muscles, gives you a chance to stretch, and gets your heart rate up. Letting your mind wander during a walk is also an excellent way of getting your creative juices flowing.


Change of Scenery

You can only look at the same wall or plant or calendar for so long before it becomes monotonous and tiresome. So try moving your workstation throughout the day. Remote workers can do this by simply moving from one room to another.

Grab your portable lap desk and move from your desk to a comfortable chair for an hour or two. Try the Rossie Home Storage Lap Desk with a Sliding Lid to hold everything you need to continue working from a different location.

Changing your workstation gives you a chance to move your body, gives your brain a new environment, and allows you to sit in a different position.


Stop Multi-Tasking

The sad truth is that no matter how much we try we aren’t built to multi-task. Our brains really only want to focus on one thing at a time.

Since you’re already going to be working in one-hour blocks, try working on one thing at a time. This is hard when you feel overwhelmed, but trying to do two things at once makes you less efficient at both.

The temptation to multi-task is fierce. Try scheduling one task at a time each day until it becomes routine to focus on one thing. It’s called mono-tasking and should be your mantra for a productive 2022.


Perfect Your Workstation

Lap desks and lap trays aren’t only good for when you need a change. Some of you are undoubtedly uncomfortable sitting at a desk. Remote work has shed a light on the benefits of custom workstations.

Don’t feel bound by a traditional home office setup. Some people are more comfortable, and more productive, using a Storage Lap Desk for their entire workday.

Remote work flexibility includes experimenting with a portable desk. Your most productive workstation may not look like anyone else’s, and that’s okay.

In 2022, make every day a productive day. Some simple changes to your routine can boost your focus, keep you alert, and give your brain and body what it needs to achieve your goals.