For all of our style differences, we share a goal when it comes to home décor. We want our surroundings to be comfortable and personal. From big city apartments to country farmhouses and everything in between, we all look for ways to make our space feel like home.

You don’t have to be a professional decorator to transform where you live into a place you love. Decorating for your perfect home is all about balance. A home has items that are personal, functional, and beautiful. To you

Here are some home decorating tips to help you turn your space, big or small, into a homey haven.


Have a Seat

Great seating anchors an entire room. Your furniture should invite you to put your feet up and relax. The very first thing on your list of must-have home décor should be comfortable chairs and couches. A home needs furnishings you want to use.

Comfort comes in every style. From contemporary to mid-century modern, minimalist or traditional, try before you buy. Make sure your seating fits your body and your lifestyle.


Feeling Functional

Choose practical, functional home décor. Make this a new way to look at decorating. Bringing beautiful things into your home that you use regularly makes décor interactive.

It feels good to use lovely things. And when they aren’t in use, they double as items that make your space feel homey and comfortable. At Rossie Home, we are big fans of this concept. Take a look at our Premium Acacia Lap Desk.

You can use it for remote work, reading, or watching a movie. When you aren’t using it, tuck it in a basket with a soft throw blanket. The warm, neutral colors and natural wood boost the cozy quotient in any room.


Clear the Path

Cluttered rooms feel stressful. You may not realize it, but when you get organized you’ll notice that your space is more inviting and relaxing. It just feels better.

Start by clearing the tables and counters that collect mail, stray mittens, and that screwdriver that you keep forgetting to put away.

Move on to your floor. Pick up toys and put your shoes on a shoe rack. Does your room feel crowded with furniture? Maybe there’s a chair that needs relocating or an ottoman that can be moved to a corner.

If you work in your living space, put everything away at the end of the day. Don’t set your computer down so you can pick it right up tomorrow. Put it in a safe spot, tuck your lap desk in its basket, and let yourself relax when you’re done working.

You’ll be surprised at how much more comfortable a room is when there isn’t a pile of items demanding your attention.


Walk This Way

A soft rug feels so good on tired feet! Hardwood and other floors in warm, natural colors are wonderful. But consider a rug for creating a more cozy space.

Choosing a rug can feel daunting. Don’t worry. Remember that decorating your home is something you do for yourself. Pick something that is soothing to your eye and feels good underfoot.

Try to avoid too many patterns. Patterned chairs and a patterned rug, even if you love them all, can be visually jarring. Your room can feel unsettled even if you can’t pinpoint the culprit.

Make sure your rug fits part way under the furniture you’ve used to define the space.


Comfort Colors

When you want a cozy, homey space, choose comforting, relaxing wall colors. Most people find soft earth tones and warm neutrals soothing.

If beige feels boring, try a soft green, blue, or rose. If you’d like to bring some energy into the busy places in your house, try a deeper color. For rooms where you want to relax, keep your shades pale.

Remember, these are just tips and hints. If you find that a more saturated wall color suits your style, go for it. Paint is one of the easiest ways to transform a space. And it’s one of the easiest to change if you don’t like it.  


Wall to Wall

Bring your personality into your space with wall art that makes you happy. Bare walls feel impersonal, even in your own home. Wall art does not have to be expensive. For a homey feel try pictures in small groups or landscapes for larger pieces.

Scale your wall art to your furniture to give the room a harmonious balance. Mix in some texture to add visual interest. Textiles bring softness to your walls. They help absorb sound, making a space feel cozier.

Wall art is also a great way to make your house feel like your space. Choose family photos or other art that has meaning to you. A print from somewhere you’ve traveled, a textile made by hand, or a floating shelf with your favorite books all bring your personality into your home.


Soft Surroundings

Soft and cozy are so intertwined they’re almost synonymous. A room feels homier when it has plenty of pillows and blankets. You can add these elements to any décor style.

If you have a modern aesthetic, you can personalize those angles and bold colors with throw pillows and blankets in a modern print. A homey space does not have to be rustic or country.

When the weather gets warm it’s tempting to put away the soft, warm things we associate with winter. Fight that urge! You can leave your throw blankets and pillows in the room without overheating.

Place your pillows along a bench or hearth. Put your favorite throw blankets into a basket and set them in a corner. Mix in functional items like your lap desk or lap tray to give that basket some visual interest.

In use or not, the soft things in your space make it feel more inviting.


Nurture with Nature

One of the best ways to make your space feel homey and comfortable is to bring in some natural touches. Again, you can do this regardless of the décor style you choose.

If you have a green thumb, bring in some houseplants. Choose those that suit your style and the conditions in your space. If you don’t have a lot of natural light, try dried flowers.

Talk to someone at a local nursery about which varieties best suit your space and your lifestyle. Use large floor plants in open spaces. Try a succulent (or a mixed succulent garden) for a tabletop.

You can also bring nature indoors with wood. Wood floors, tables, and other items feel warm and inviting. You don’t have to cover every surface with wood (we’re looking at you, 1970s wood paneling), accenting with natural wood pieces is very effective.


Coming Full Circle

The process of turning an apartment or house into a home is ongoing. As you acquire furnishings you love, your rooms will take shape around them. You’ll balance your décor aesthetic with the soft, personal, natural items and materials that make your rooms feel homey and welcoming.

Don’t think of homey as a décor style. Think of it as enhancing your style with functional, beautiful things that make you feel comfortable. Adapt our hints to fit your personality and your space.