Lap desks aren’t just for crossword puzzles anymore. Back in the day, people used lap desks for casual activities like writing letters or doing puzzles. When LapGear® introduced lap desks in the 1970s they were handy and fun. Now they’re essential.

What changed? Everything. From the rise of the home computer to the COVID-19 pandemic, the lap desk rode every wave and proved valuable in every era. Now, with remote work and small, lightweight computers lap desks are the new standard for modern desks.


Work/Life Balance

When some of you abruptly began working remotely in March of 2020, you had no home workstation. You left your work at the end of the day when you left your office.

Now you needed a workspace. Maybe you had a desk to use. A lot of people found their kitchen or dining room tables turned into makeshift offices. It wasn’t ideal, but it was okay for a while.

The result, however, was an erosion of the boundaries between work and home. Instead of a home office, you just had an office where your home used to be. The lap desk is the perfect solution for this dilemma.

You can choose a small, dedicated office area anywhere in your home. A quiet chair becomes your workspace, complete with a desk. At the end of the day, you can put everything away.

Check out our Premium Acacia Lap Desk. It has a large enough surface for your laptop, with an integrated mousepad and phone slot. It’s pretty enough to tuck in a basket at the end of the day and completely functional as a solid work surface.

A lap desk is the first step in turning away from living at work and back towards working at home.



How do you like your office chair? If you’re like most of us the answer will range between, “It’s okay” and, “I HATE IT.” If you have a job that keeps you at the computer or on video conferences most of the day, your lap desk will be your best friend.

We all have a chair we love. Or at least we have a chair we like. That chair can become your workstation whenever you please when you have a lap desk.

You can arrange your space to support your back and wrists, avoid hunching your shoulders, and keep your screens at the ideal height and angle. Our lap desks have cushions that conform to your lap without causing you to overheat.

A lap desk also offers the hard, flat surface that you need to allow your laptop adequate ventilation. Check out our Acacia Wood Easel Lap Desk and see how easy it is to adjust your lap desk surface to the most comfortable position.



A desk is a desk, right? Wrong. A lap desk is a desk, a movie theater, a drawing studio, a classroom, and a shopping center. Sometimes your lap desk will even be your snack table.

Multi-function is the name of the game for the modern desk. You want to work and play comfortably wherever you choose. And you can, with a super versatile lap desk. Write an article on the couch, watch TV in bed, or shop online in a shady spot under a tree.

One of the very best features of any lap desk is that it works and plays with you, wherever you are. The number of uses for a portable, compact solid surface is endless. You’ll find yourself using it all over the house, in the yard, and when you travel.

You may even discover that your lap desk is a great office companion. Change your workstation or watch TV while you eat your lunch in that comfortable chair everyone likes in the break room.



Maybe you never imagined being able to pick up your office and move it from one room to another on a whim. But you can, when you use a lap desk. Are you wondering how you move everything with you? The answer is a storage lap desk.

A lap desk with storage compartments under the solid surface allows you to tuck your notes, pens, phone, chargers, and whatever other supplies you need right into your desk before you switch workstations.

If you like to use your lap desk for your hobbies, interior storage is ideal for paint, sketchbooks, or craft supplies. Clean-up is simple when you can put everything in your desk and slide your desk onto a shelf.


Sharing is Caring

You may want to keep your lap desk to yourself, but you can share it. Your kids probably have no interest in sitting at your desk (or any desk) to do their homework, but they can use a lap desk and be productive in their rooms.

Your partner can use it to watch videos or your roommate may love it for taking notes during a Zoom lecture. Once the people around you see how convenient, portable, and comfortable your lap desk is, be prepared to share.

When you get tired of sharing, a Rossie Home Lap Desk makes a great gift!


Small Space Living

From dorm rooms and studio apartments to tiny homes, living small has never been more popular. If you live in a small space, you know how important it is that everything serves more than one purpose.

Your lap desk is a perfect small space companion. Acting as everything from your workstation to your dinner table, this attractive accessory is a champ. If you choose a model with storage, your compact space-saver even helps cut down clutter.

A stable surface that can be easily and quickly stored on a shelf or in a small closet is a game-changer for anyone who needs to make the most of every square inch of their space.

No desk more perfectly suits our need for versatile flexibility than a lap desk. Evolved from the basic models of the 70s, lap desks offer style and substance that will stand the test of time. Beautiful and functional, this is the ideal modern accessory for our modern world.