There are a lot of products out there that claim to make your life easier. Very few of them actually do so. Quick fixes and life hacks rarely turn out to offer anything new to your daily routine.

At Rossie Home, you’ll find products that truly transform your life. A perfect example is the Acacia Wood Easel Lap Desk with Storage. One of our most popular products, this gem of a lap desk is a game-changer.

The Acacia Wood Easel Lap Desk with Storage is the kind of product that makes you wonder how you ever got along before it came into your life. Sturdy, gorgeous acacia wood combines with a multi-purpose design to offer something for every part of your life.



Elevate Your Workstation

Like all of our lap desks, the Acacia Wood Easel is ideal for work. This popular design allows you to adjust the angle of your surface as you switch from handwritten work to your laptop, to your tablet, and more.

You probably don’t recognize how much elevating a surface can impact your comfort. Since few traditional desks offer this feature, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. With its built-in device rail, your notebook, computer, or tablet will stay put and be at the optimal angle for reading, writing, or typing.


Choose Your Chair

With the Acacia Wood Easel Lap Desk, you can work from the most comfortable seat in the house. Or the office! There’s no rule that a lap desk is only useful at home. Being able to take your work to a quiet, comfortable chair in your office will feel like a luxury.

If you haven’t thought about the benefits of a portable workstation, imagine how nice it feels to choose a more comfortable seat when your back is tired or you want to put up your feet. You don’t have to hunch over a desk.

The Acacia Wood Easel Lap Desk also has a comfortable cushion that conforms to your lap. It won’t dig into your knees or feel unstable.

One of the unsung benefits of a lap desk is the ability to use it on your lap or a surface. Is your desk or table a little too low? Use your lap desk to add some height. Your back, neck, and shoulders will thank you!


Store Your Stuff

One of the hardest parts of moving your workstation is toting around everything you need. Even if you work on your computer all day, you still need stuff. You have charging cords, a notepad (we all still take handwritten notes), pens and pencils, your phone, and more.

Our Acacia Wood Easel Lap Desk has the space you need to store your stuff. That surface that so conveniently elevates reveals three internal storage compartments. Pop the things you need inside, close the top, and move to a sunnier spot.

The storage in this pretty wood desk is large enough to hold what you need, and the three compartments keep everything from jumbling together. Storage and organization, all in one!



Once your Acacia Wood Easel Lap Desk with Storage is part of your life, you’ll find yourself using it every single day. Set a snack on it while you watch TV. Give yourself (or someone else) a manicure. Go through your snail mail, fill out paper forms, and even write an old-fashioned check from the comfort of your favorite chair.

You’ll never have to hunt for a solid surface again. Your Acacia Wood storage desk will be at hand for everything you need. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have a snack or two stashed inside your storage desk for safekeeping, too.

No matter how busy your life gets, this lap desk is there to help you get things done comfortably and efficiently. It makes your workstation portable and your playtime more fun. We all deserve to own products that help us get things done and feel good in the process.

You’ll love owning an Acacia Wood Easel Lap Desk. Its beautiful wood desk surface and sides add warm elegance to any room. It is easy to use, easy to move, and even easy to store.



Have you always thought of a lap desk as being a work-only accessory? The Acacia Wood Easel will change that in a heartbeat.

This product is so versatile that you’ll find yourself using it long after your workday is over. Use your lap desk to:

  • Paint, draw, or sketch. Keep your sketchbook, pencils, and paints in the storage compartments and raise the surface to the ideal angle. Change the angle to fit your comfort and the project.
  • Watch TV or movies. Curl up on the couch with your laptop or tablet for a TV binge or a movie marathon. Your favorite streaming platforms are at your fingertips wherever you want to enjoy them.
  • Shop online. The best part of online shopping is browsing from the comfort of home. Use your Acacia Wood Easel Lap Desk to browse your favorite stores and sites with the most comfortable screen angle.
  • Sure, you can read from your tablet or e-reader using your lap desk. It’s a great way to put your device at the ideal angle. But what about a physical book? Have you ever wished your hardcover book wasn’t quite so heavy or awkward? Say no more. Adjust your lap desk surface and read for hours in comfort.

This lap desk is popular for a reason. It’s the perfect example of form meeting function. The sturdy construction and timeless design will make this a product you’ll happily use for years to come.

Stay organized and stay comfortable at work or play with the Rossie Home Acacia Wood Easel Lap Desk with Storage.